Let Me See - Juicy J Ft. Kevin Gates, Lil Skies

in palnet •  8 months ago 
Let Me SeeJuicy J Ft. Kevin Gates, Lil Skies

Crypto Anyone?

EOS Anyone?


Juicy J has got to be one of the most fucking legendary rappers of all time. People tend to forget just how much of a genius this man truly is! How many rappers do you know that fuck with crypto directly? That are world-renowned? Not many! Juicy J is one of the most legendary entrepreneurs of all time. Anyone else remember that twerk contest he had? The one that was won by someone who didn't even twerk? People underestimated the cleverness of this man and he put in it in the fine print that you didn't actually even have to "twerk" to win the "twerk contest." He's got a foot in all types of industries from food to clothing. A true legend!

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