Music: Acquainted - The Weeknd

in palnet •  8 months ago 
AcquaintedThe Weeknd

Yes, yes, I did it once again. The same artist shortly after just posting about them. What can I say? I told you I loved this artist!

This is definitely one of those bedroom songs where you put it on and just take your time with your lover's body. ;) Ofc, in the sake of keeping this non-NSFW, I won't go any further on that front. Needless to say, it's a song of passion and intimacy. A great song by an artist with a great voice, that you can put on and enjoy time with your partner with. :)

My favorite line that I can relate to is probably this one:

"...You got me puttin' time in, time in.
Nobody got me feelin' this way.
You probably think I'm lyin', lyin'..."

Mostly because I can relate to it a lot. It seems that a majority of the women I meet and fall for, have a hard time believing it. I'm not sure if it's because of their pasts with men or not, but I'm as straight up as they come, a real no-bullshit, no-games, man. :P Regardless of the reasons, I hear that I'm "Lying" a lot when I express my emotions, so this is extremely relevant lol.

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