Music: She Talks To Angels - Black Crowes

in palnet •  9 months ago 
She Talks To AngelsBlack Crowes

I wish angels would talk to me! It'd make life a lot simpler and this path a lot easier. Haha.
Black Crowes is definitely another artist I enjoyed in the 90s/00s! They've got some great songs, this being one of them!

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Good to see you are still around! Miss you in the @steemterminal... indeed a great band with good music and meaningful lyrics... come stop in and say hello!! You are missing out on some good times...

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Keep up the great work!
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Hey! Thank you mate! I know... I've been MIA from there for a good while. Life's just been catching up with me again for the time being so I've been flustered and only really had time to try and schedule a few posts here and there. I'm going to definitely try and be more active though and get involved with the communities more. Things are settling down for me in my personal life, luckily. lol

I actually was delegating out some of my SP so that I could make some use of it and earn a little bit off of the power I don't use, but I also wanted to delegate some of that power to help some people out, so I was intending to stop by and check in with you guys anyhow to see if there were places I could contribute it that would help someone out.

As of this point, I'm willing to distribute about 80 SP, I was thinking I'd do it in sets of 20, to try and disperse it a bit.
I was also planning to enroll someone/some people in SBI as well, as I have some Steem sitting around not doing anything that I could also make some use of.

I will reach out to you in the Steem Terminal later today or early tomorrow to see where you and the folks there think it would make the most use and to catch up with you all. :)

Hope you're having a great day mate! Glad to see you doing well and I appreciate the support!