My first 120 zzan tokens from the market

in zzan •  7 months ago 


Today, I found a very interesting token insideSteem Engine and interestingly they have the same platform as steemit. You can visit the steemzzang platform here.

I just bought 120 zzan'and this is the beginning for me to start my story on this platform, and I will order1000 zzan' in the near future.

I need a lot of information about the zzan token and the virtual platform, it seems like I have to go to @cjsdns posts to get information about this platform.

I hope to get more information about zzan here, I am waiting for you in this post comment. thank you


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Welcome to Steemzzang~!
You can get more information if you follow @zzan.admin, @zzan.en1 and @zzan.en2
hope you enjoy Steemzzang.

i got it, thank you so much @zzan.co5