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While Curating I've received a Notification 🔔 on Twitter, actually @theycallmedan Retweeted it, and when i clicked it and saw the subject then it gave exciting essence because it is about the Partnership. Morpheus Labs parterned with Steem and you can find the official announcement in below blog.

“Morpheus Labs and Steem announce partnership” by Morpheus Labs


Morpheus Labs is Blockchain platform too and in my opinion this step will going to Strengthen both the platforms. Currently we need more Partnerships in Blockchain space so that we can create this space an world of diversified opportunities.

World 🗺 should know that everyone can build their niche on Steem Blockchain and develop their product, niche and communities effectively. World is in constant race 🏎 and day in and day out creators are creating new innovative products and coming up with unique services, when competition rises then opportunity shrinks. So, now we need a space like Steem where people can come and can create their own Economy.


No matter how good particular platform is, it needs newness and it comes from the Partnerships because in a way it's an exchange of Functions which will release flow of newness and inturn can lead to more Partnerships because we all know that Steem filled with so many Projects.

Words by Morpheus Labs:

Morpheus Labs simplifies the process of blockchain adoption by our clients and partners, offering a wide range of interoperable dApp solutions across a variety of blockchain platforms. Its Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) is built to help Enterprises and Developers overcome their pain in development due to the lack of environment; and to reduce time and cost spent to experiment on different Blockchains. Developers will gain access to tools which speed up and simplify the process of developing Steem-powered DApps. DApps can be sold on the Morpheus Labs BPaaS marketplace.

When we are Parterned with platform which have their own established Marketplace then it's an great opportunity for the Steem Dapps and it will open 🔓 the gates for more Liquidity. I am excited to see what impact we will going to see through this Partnership.


At last i want to say one thing with perspective of Growth and that is, through this partnership in my opinion Steem will expand it's Ecosystem and with this step Steem will receive more visibility and may be potential adoption rate will rise.

Steem On.


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