People at Relative Speed - Peoplephotography by worldcapture Week #40

in peoplephotography •  2 years ago 


Obviously, one of them is flying like a comet and the other one is just a part of the scene, almost immobile. Also obviously, but in a different way, the obvious is not reality. Or is it?

Who knows better, you or your camera? It's relative ;)

Another panning photo from the alley near Barceloneta Beach.

This is my entry for the #Peoplephotography weekly challenge by @worldcapture. Check it out!



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Normally when I see pictures like these it's just the word "cool", but with the description...deep.

But how deep it is? Probably also relative...

You and your good pictures!! How do you achieve that effect?

Thank you :) I will explain again in a post soon. I've done so I think, but nothing wrong with reminding things like that.

Wonderful photo of people in motion!
Was that done with framing for focus that left everything but the front cyclist blurred?
Like your observation of how the blur seems to represent speed but is it just a distortion of reality - nice one!