The Ecological Garden of my friend Goyo. Its flowers, plants and fruit trees.

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Hi, friends.
This saturday I have been in the garden of my friend Goyo. He has a very beautiful ecological piece of paradise in La Palma, Canary Islands.

I hope you like these photos of your flowers, plants and fruit trees and comment if you know the name of each one.

Of course, you could not miss the banana plant and its rich bananas

Enjoy them!




































Copyright: Javier Sebastian, Canary Islands. All my images are original.
If you want to buy any of my visuals, please drop me a message, I'm on Discord: JavierSebastian#5816

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Unfortunately your post but it's not really what we had in mind for the #natrualproducts tag and community. It looks like you tagged several communities with this post. We will be downvoting it to remove the NATRL reward.

Please refer to the posting guidelines:

Natural Products Posts: Guidelines when using #naturalproducts in your posts!

If you feel this is in error please let us know. Regards, @naturalproducts.

Hi, I understand that you wanna say, but I'm new on Steemit and I'm learning how tribes work still so this use of too many tags can be considered as an experiment. You can see all my other posts.
Anyway, I will understand your decision and I will try to do better next time.

Don't get us wrong, your photos are awesome. Just not suited to the #naturalproducts tag. Welcome to Steem and best of luck.

Hi again. @naturalproducts. Lately, I had too many downvotes because I have used wrong tags, as this post did. I am beginning to see some injustices. Can you tell me the difference between my post about natural products from Goyo's garden and this post ? Thanks.

Or this post, or this post, or this hamburger post, or this another ... why?

Hi @javiersebastian,

We can understand those feelings. We'll have to chalk it up to growing pains as we started up and were feeling out the posts. We are dealing with a few of the posts mentioned. We've removed the downvote and have sent you some NATRL, as we apologize for being a bit hasty on the downvote mechanism. Keep-in mind the downvote only effects the NATRL earn-out and the platform.

Congrats as it looks like your post did really well on Steemit.

Cleanplanet is a project that we feel is a good one to support. While we are not upvoting them we are asking that the posts be bilingual if they are using the #naturalproducts tag.

Also, everyone should be aware that they have a downvote that can be applied if they feel a post is tagged wrong, or doesn't follow our guidelines. That applies to the majority if the front-ends and tribes.

Please accept our apologies and hope to see you around with those great photos - and a good description ;-)

All the best, @naturalproducts

Don't worry I didn't get you wrong. I know I'm newbie and I must understand how these new tribes work. Regards!

What beautiful place your friend has! And your pictures of it are just amazing! Very well done!

Thanks. I'm glad you appreciate my photography content. It's that I know to do. I don't know about natural products, I just know taking pictures. ;) Regards!

That is true. Your pics are wonderful. You might like my most recent post about the birds in my mom's garden. Usually I like to post about all kinds of things, but since I'm visiting my parents right now, I wanted to post something about what they like. The post I'm writing at the moment is about the opposite: my criticism on environmentalist practices in New Zealand. That one should be ready tomorrow, I think.


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