Close up Shot: Red Dragonfly

in photography •  8 months ago 

I found this in my backyard a while ago. I had been watching over its arrival on dying little trunk. When it stayed still, I came to get some shots. Not long after that, right after being done shooting, it flew away. I guessed I was lucky this time.



CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography
LensVR II AFP 18-55mm
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Oh wow, those wings are gorgeous!

thanks @ewkaw

Denden darabaroe, tingat masa ubeut long wate kalen gamba denden nyan. Jameun sering long buru dan long ikat bak iku jih, peu lomba teuk ngen rakan-rakan hehe.

Mantap that foto jih bang 👍👍👍

hehe terima kasih

Sama-sama bang @abduhawab 😃

Mantap bg fotonya,
Cikal bakal terciptanya pesawat.😁😁

maksih. ya benar...