Street Photography: Under the Hot Sun

in photography •  last year 

Street is the place where we can meet a handful people whose acts can be so real in which we can also capture those reals into our perception. That is why, the street photography is so called human interest photo related to natural act from people that we photographed. These following photos are the examples of how people acts without knowing they are being captured.



CameraNikon D7000
CategoryStreet Photography
LensVR II AFP 18-55mm
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That syiek lawan... Han lot eumpang token di vote kiraju... He he
Saleum dari Dr kupi

hahha...lage lam filem kiraju.

Terkadang saat kita melihat gambar hitam-putih seperti ini, itu mengandung makna lebih dalam lagi, ada kekuatan batin yang menyatu dengan kita dari objek yang tertngkap kamera.