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Hello World!

This is the 17th Edition of the PhotoChain challenge. The PhotoChain Challenge is a blockchain-like photography contest. If you would like to know more about, read the PhotoChain Challenge INTRODUCTION Post. There, I explain the functioning of the contest and how to participate.

In this post, I'll announce the 2 winners of the 16th Edition of the Contest. Within the next 48 hours, I'll reward both of them with a 1 SBI share as explained in the regulation and will post in the comment section of the 16TH EDITION the transaction id.

And the Winner is...

The 16th Edition counted 10 (ten) valid participants...WOW!!!

The Key-Subjects were:
Bird and Landscape

Bigger Number of participations. For this time the rules will remain the same but if it happens more often I will introduce a new rule for the awarding of the prize that I will explain in the next editions.

These are the 2 winners of the 16th Edition:

Winner 1



with a classical but impressive composition's photo

The personal subject is Flying

Winner 2



with a creative color cover and some curious subjects

The personal subject is Stones

I had promised to reward the 2 winners with a Derangedcoin. Also this week, I decided to award all the participants because I can still afford it since the number of participants has remained so low. I reward you with a DERANGEDcoin in one of your next posts.

Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this week's contest!
@isabelpena @melinda010100 @nelinoeva @iamraincrystal @qwerrie @lifeskills-tv @eii @dronegraphica @trincowski and @luigi-the-gnome



This is for EVERYONE on the steemit platform.

2 SBI PRIZE in the launch-stage.

No required UPVOTE, RESTEEM, FOLLOW or BID to participate.

I explained in the Introduction Post that everyone can participate by submitting his/her own photo in the comment section. The photo must contain the 2 Key-Subjects that will be communicated in each post of the New Edition. I also explained there how the key-subject will change and the criterium with which I'll choose them.

Are you Ready?


This week's edition is the:

17th Edition

The KEY-SUBJECTS for this week are:


Big big result, the biggest in the young story of this photography contest. I didn't really expect it. But this time it promises to be really difficult because the couple of key-subjects could be really insidious.


This week, more prizes!

Number 1

Every Participant will receive 3000 GEEKs, thanks to @qwerrie and @melinda010100 that sent me a great quantitative of this token. I have 32000 GEEKs available while stocks last.

Number 2

The 2 winners will receive each a bot comment from deranged.coin. Actually, if I call deranged.coin, you will receive 1 DERANGEDCOIN TOKEN. If the rules will remain the same, every winner will receive 1 DERANGED.

-- --- ---- STEPS ---- --- --


  • The photo that contains the two Key-Subjects;
  • A Comment with the two Key-Subjects + another subject of your choice contained in the photo. (If you posted the image in your blog, you can post the link to that page, but you must add your photo anyway in the comment)

2) ONLY IF YOU WANT: mention another person you think would like this challenge.


4) WAIT FOR THE NEXT WEEK: time limit fixed to 3 hours before the Post Payout

I'll write a post for the weekly edition start and I'll announce the Winners of the Previous Week Edition. There I'll communicate the 2 Key-Subjects.

If you have any doubt, follow the practical example in the Introduction Post. Furthermore, I add a practical example in the comment section of the Zero Edition Post and you can consult the previous edition to know more about how can the comments be.


  • One entry each participant


  • When I choose a winner, I check his/her profile. If the author is to the attention of @steemcleaners or/and @cheetah, I will not confer the title. If you are in the blacklist of these accounts, consult one of their FAQ Page.

  • The duration of the contest: 7 days, from the start announcement post to 3 hours before the Post Payout Time.

  • Editing is allowed, but not creations such as graphic design: this is a PHOTOGRAPHY contest.

  • Every Color Cover is allowed, including Black and White.

  • Every Theme is allowed: no censorship except for extremely explicit content. The nsfw contents are allowed but I will not utilize the nsfw tag for the PhotoChain Post: so, if I choose a nsfw photo as a winner, I will not insert it as an image in the official post (only as a mention or a link to the original post)

  • IMPORTANT: I invited the participants to use fairly large categories as subjects so as not to sabotage participation. You haven't to use proper names (of cities, places, mountains, species, etc)
    For example:
    Don't utilize the subject snow bear but only animals; naturally I will give more importance to the photo of an animal that is not often photographed compared to a simple domestic cat.
    REMEMBER! The more general the category used as a subject, the greater the participation in the competition, the greater the prizes in the future.

  • Finally, I'll advance with the prizes awarding 2 days approx after the finish of the weekly challenge. I'll write the transaction ID in the winners' announcements post.

@contestkings announced his intention to abandon the project due to personal problems. I sincerely thank him for his work and wish him all the best possible in the near future.



Now it's your turn.

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!giphy smile

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Wow wow Gracias dei tokenucci 😁
!giphy smile

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I'm so happy ! Thanks a lot @davidesimoncini and congratulations to my dear Lady Mel @melinda010100 ! 😊

Thanks to you dear 🙂

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hi again! Here's my entry for this week!

In this shot there's Flying Water coming from a group of Stones. My personal keyword is Water.

The Beautiful Vienna Fountain

Links: 1Ramp / Busy / eSteem / SteemPeak / Steeve / SteemIt
Tribes: CreativeCoin / LifeStyle / Neoxian / PalNet / Marlians

Good, I like the photo. Welcome in this week edition 😁

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So many entries 👏👏 congratulations!

hmmm.... stones? flying?... hmmm.....

I know...😭

Posted using Partiko Android

I was thinking... What flies? Bugs, balloons, airplanes, kites, drones, of course birds... Still thinking!

view onto the stones from the flying point of view... but i dont have a drone. picture of a rocky ground taken with a camera that is being thrown up to sky and falling down? meeehhh, I am not up to that yet :P

Lol... Maybe a butterfly sitting on a rock?

nah. 'butterfly' not exactly 'flying'... but, an idea flashed in my mind. if you will wind a newspaper with the 'flying go.. somewhere' lying on a rock... i.e. stone... it will do the job perfectly! and the butterfly sitting in the frame, will provide you a nice personal keyword. but its not a plan, its just a dream!

I like it! Maybe a magazine picture of an airplane in the sky..and the magazine is laying on a rock?

definitely worth a try. but tsssss! dont tell anybody about our know-how :))))

Yeah, this one sure is hard. I went through my entire photo album and I could only find one scene that fitted the words! 😁

come on..this is not that hard ! 😜 I was closed to propose garden gnome as second keyword....😁 now flying garden gnome would have been a rough theme 😂🤣

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  ·  last year (edited)

This stone did not want to fly. He looks like a naughty guy. But I did not see more other applicants for the flight. I had to work hard ... :-))
Perhaps this word has already been suggested before. FOREST. But if it does not fit, then let there be a MOUNTAIN SLOPE. It really happened on a gentle slope of the mountain.

Good, another entry. Welcome! :)
Retouched picture?

I had to remove the lower stones from the pyramid and create the illusion of a "rocket" taking off :-))
Thanks :)

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