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Dedicated to the warriors of the flag and the all Steemit liberators from the BOOSTERS-invaders!
There was once a blockchain called a GOLOS. - These were the first guys who completely copied the SEEMIT blockchain, but with a focus on the Russian-speaking community. Such a small steem for ~1,000 living people (and about 15,000 bots))), but somehow they got along, the #economy is worked, authors and #newcomers had a financial interest in participating in it!

Like on the STEEM, the appeared services for boosting the promotion only increased the turnover of tokens in this chain, and the number of such services grew.
Of course, there were community members abusing such services for the sake of small own profits, as a result of which the number of users dissatisfied with the BOOST-service a grew. After a long flags wars and quarrels in chain the community finally managed to drive out the organizer of the largest of the GOLOS booster - @Fyrstikken, after what the price of the GOLOS token rolled down, the coin was delisted from the Bittrex exchange. At this moment GOLOS blockchain is almost dead and works due to the enthusiasm of some good #witnesses!

I don’t know why some people decided that they can do with STEEMIT is what them like. But with the example of GOLOS, I confidently declare that when you achieve your antiBOOSTERS goal, yourself you will not be satisfied in it, and the damage to the STEEMIT economy will be colossal as a result!
At the moment, the price of our coin is not up to par. Let's stop making this space less attractive to authors, investors and developers ...

For a resident of the poorest country in Europe, it looks at least strange when people with such amounts of money in their accounts spend their strength on preventing someone from creatively earning their three dollars!

my father said: "Sorrow is alien to us!"

Therefore, I look in my own wallet, and do not stop others from filling own!

A new user arrives and finds a page developed by one of respected witness - @Yabapmatt. The page suggests using the services of services organized by no less reputable community members with a great reputation! A novice pays his money in the hope of attracting attention, and in return receives the flags and losses real money ... \

Who I should believe? who is right???

Do I understand correctly - money rules here? #PoS as it is ...
Unfortunately, I do not have enough money to be able to prove the absurdity of such a model of behavior. but I know for sure - sooner or later there will be a person who will replenish his strength by a couple of million and will teach everyone to publish posts in Swahili ... He just likes it. He will write a long post about how useful and noble it is, set a goal and deadlines for its fulfillment ... He calls himself the only true supervisor for the purity of publications in a steemit or something like that ...

Now the same thing is happening!
a certain part of the community imposes its rules and orders on others by punishing them with a coin

Autumn in the city


f/4.5 | 1/200 | iso125 | 65mm
Nikon W300
Place: !steemitworldmap 47.834755 lat 35.125802 long d3scr

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