[Photography] wild flower

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Today's journey is very tiring and I get one result to make a post. today i took a trip to the seaside in one of the villages. the goal is to measure the making of development by the coast. because near the beach on the way I found amazing wild flowers. because I just saw it so I immortalize this plant.

This plant has a height of about 50 cm and an average width of 80 cm. This tree grows on the edge of the pond, which is located not far from the sea coast. This tree has an interesting color and the fruit is also very unique. like a small edible fruit. but local residents said the fruit was inedible and could be harmful to the body or poisoning.


photographywild flower


photographywild flower


photographywild flower


photographywild flower



photographywild flower


photographywild flower

Thanks @trafalgar hope I have support, bye


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