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Flowers, not everyone understands flowers. and not everyone can recognize every type of flower name. as we know that flowers grow everywhere with different types. I believe that almost all women on earth love the beauty and uniqueness displayed by flowers. not only women, men also have a fascination with flowers that give off scents with fantastic colors.

Flowers are sexual reproductive organs in flowering plants, each flower has reproductive organs, namely stamens and pistils. so flowers can appear singly or together in a series. interest that appears together is called compound interest or inflorescence. In some species, compound interest can be considered ordinary as a flower (single), for example in Anthurium and sunflowers. the unit of interest that makes up compound interest is called a floret. (Wikipedia)

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With regard to flowers, this time I want to display some similar flowers, but have a little difference. I caught them using a personal cellphone.






CategoryFlower Photography
Settings4-3mm, ISO Auto
CameraSmartphone Xiaomi 4x
Date photo taken2019.10.20

Thank you, hopefully this imagination can provide impetus for motivation.
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