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Hello dear steemians,

It's been a while since I have posted a photography blog. When I joined steem back in august, 2018.. I used to post photography blogs almost every day. I am not a professional photographer but I like to capture beautiful moments from my daily life and share them here with you all.

Time passed and I got busy in my personal life and it was quite a complex work for me to go out for a photoshoot and making blogs. Also, playing steemmonsters here became an addiction and usually it eats a minimum of 2-3 hours every day of my life. (I am not complaining :) )

But recently we have celebrated our most awaited festival Durga Puja and I clicked a lot of pictures while visiting various pandels with my friends and relatives. So today I thought to make a photography post about it because why not! I still love it just like the old days!

First of all, who don't know about the celebration, Durga is the goddess who represents the feminine energy in our Hindu mythology. In our state West Bengal, Durga Puja celebration is considered as the biggest celebration festival, just like Christmas in USA.

The festival is being celebrated for 5 long days and all the local govt. offices, schools and colleges, Court get closed on those days. Private clubs, committees or local groups in every area in the states make unique pandels (giant tents) based on different themes and the Durga statues inside them. For the 5 days, Goddess Durga is being worshipped in those pandels and people from all the states, even from different states and countries come to visit the unique pandels and the goddess.

Today, I will showcase one of the pandels from my collection. This pandel was made near my resident and the theme was an Old Buddist temple known as Ajanta cave temple situated in Maharashtra, India.

The whole pandel was made of thermocol pieces structured on bamboo woods. The artist gently curved out the statues and artefacts from large cube sheets of thermocols. Some statues are also made of soil and Plaster of Paris.




As you can see above, this was the entrance to the pandel themed as the temple. the entrance resembles a real Buddist temple as you can see from the design of the gate. The neon lights were reflecting the beauty even more in the night. I had to wait in the cue for like half an hour before I entered into the temple. The volunteers were doing a stressful job there handling the crowd, but they were doing good.





When I entered the temple, walls both sides of me had statues of ancient cultures on them. The red colour was giving it an old feel. Not only the walls but the ceiling was also having amazing designs on them as you can see above.




Inside the temple, there were multiple statues of Lord Buddha, one of them you have seen as the cover picture of this post, another was is in the above. In here, we can see the Lord is in a calm nature, meditating with his eyes closed. The artist has brilliantly created the statues out of normal thermocol sheet which seems very hard work and a job of perfection.

All the photos here were taken by my cell phone (details below). I didn't take my DSLR with me because of the huge crowd. You can already see the long cue in front of the entrance gate above and I didn't take the risk to take my camera in there or it might got broken. The time was around 9 pm at night so the quality is a bit hazy and I am truly sorry for that. I used snapseed editor to edit and enhance the photos a little bit.

Camera Deatails:-

  • Device: ASUS max pro m2

  • Camera: 13 Megapixel rear shooter

  • Aperture: f/1.8

  • ISO: ISO500

  • Exposure: 1/14

  • Editor Snapseed

That's it for today but I still have more collection of pandels made on different unique themes. Please tell me if you liked the post and want to see more like this one.

Stay well and keep steeming friends...



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