My I'm A Hamster On A Wheel Report

in photography •  2 years ago 

"Workin' for The Man ev'ry night and day..."

The Man

...Cycling and editing, no minutes for sleepin'...

No time to finish this one in a great manner. I have about two hundred more other Saurons to edit. Then there are those common Nazgul and superheroes...

See you out of The Wheel!



P.S. I owe this post title and concept, short as it is, to @jaynie and her...perspectives. I mean posts of such. Go find them. It's good to have perspectives.

Double Yours,


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I did actually just come from reading her post and thought I'd stop by over here. Time for you to get back on the wheel :D

That does look like a pretty cool picture though - good luck with the rest of them!

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Dude, I am impressed. That's what I want to be for Halloween.

Haha yah I feel you man. I am working my consistent contract, running a business for a friend, and building a whole new business while I am doing that.

A little CCR will help you through your time on that big wheel toynin'.

Cool Sauron photo! I like that perspective!
Thanks for sharing!

always good to have perspectives!!

Super cool, @manoldonchev!

Cool outfit:)

Oh you have heard of CCR over in Bulgaria?!? Very cool.

That one is classics. And covers are all over the place.