DIY, My first hand made, lamp sleep

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Yeay, a lamp was installed in the corner of my child's room. I made it from an ice cream stick, and I put it together one by one.


Yesterday, the sky was very cloudy and the rain fell very heavy. When I looked for something in the room, I could see ice cream sticks on the floor of my son's room. Spontaneous Just crossed the idea of ​​making sleep lights for junior owner99 rooms.

I continued to assemble ice cream sticks, without me realizing it turned out that my wife took pictures of my activities. But unfortunately, not many photos were successfully recorded by my wife.


Sebuah lampu berhasil terpasang di sudut kamar, hasilnya lumayan bagus.


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Luar biasa Bang... kreatif dirumah dan dalam platform.
Ditunggu next post dan cek platform sebelah bang, saya punya sedikit power disana, sekali dayung 5 token kita ambil. hehe

Boleh sekali palnet zzan, saya ada stake belah sana 🙂

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Mantap sekali Abang @davidke20, saya punya di actnearn dan rhb 😁

wihhh banyak ya token abang @khanza.aulia saya suka saya suka hehe

Segera dilaksanakan pada post berikutnya. Terima Kasih abang david

ureung nyoe, that chik ka sinan bang

terima kasih atas support nya bg aulia, siap segera dilaksanakan

Thanks for the idea! This looks really sexy! I wanna make one 😂

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my pleasure abang @davidke20