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Eifel in fall

Eifel is a not so well known region in Germany, at least, we haven't encountered a lot of tourists in the 3 times we have been there.
But unknown is not unloved. I can say right now, that I have fallen in love with the region. The nature out there is magnificent. Beatiful glowing hills, with a maximum height of around 700 meters, immense forests with very little human interference. Some spots have very unique characteristics, like the "Teufelschlucht" a very narrow cave that was eroded in the last ice age 12000 years ago. It is called the "The Devil's Gap" because on one rock some recognizes the face of the devil, although I didn't see that.

IMG_1590 (002).jpg

And the villages all are truely authentic with the very distinctive German look. Amazing place, and I have put in on "digital" plate, as they say. So, you can expect some more photography from this week coming in the next posts.

Here's one I really love, with an icecold waterfall that suddenly came out of nowhere, and wasn't on the map too...



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