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@Photocuration Report

Photocuration Update/Report

Hey, dear Steemians, here is a quick update/report of our latest activities and photo discoveries on STEEM platform.

Our current effective Steem Power: 661.534 SP

Upvotes given in the last week: 67 upvotes, 12 accounts, supporting quality photography!

PhotoCuration is a non-commercial initiative by professional photographers whose aim is to appreciate, support and add value to good photography on STEEM. We all know people of art are underestimated and undervalued so our main goal is to fix this social injustice. At least try to! :)

PhotoCuration is a manual process. Real human beings upvote the good photos and resteem the great ones ;)

Do you know any Steemians creating great visuals? Please comment under this post with their STEEM accounts so we start following their feeds and appreciate their good work!

All rewards received will be used to power up the account thus making our upvote value bigger and encourage more and more posting of good photographs on our loved block-chain.

Please let us know if you are aware of tribes and individuals, supporting the work of the good artists on STEEM, thank you!

Please spread the news and support this good initiative by following, resteeming and upvoting our posts.
Delegating is also a great way to help all great visual artists on STEEM, here are few quick links to do this via SteemConnect:

10 SP 20 SP 50 SP 100 SP 200 SP 500 SP or delegate any amount you would like!

Every SP matters so welcome onboard!

All ideas with regards to making this initiative stronger and more successful are very welcome as well!

Thank you and STEEM on!

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