A Wizard guards the Grand Prize Pool! @ecoinstant's massive SBI giveaway to #STEEM builders!

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Even without posting about our pool, it continues to grow passively, largely from renting SP through dlease.io

In the age of the STEEM-powered business, creative projects being built on STEEM need dedicated vote support, among other things, and this is where SBI comes in. Support your favorite projects being built on #STEEM and participate in @ecoinstant's #buildbetter contest!


This prize pool will continue to grow with daily minnowbooster payments, plankton token, epic token, gamer token dividend payment, post payouts, and any other payment that enters into the @ecoinstar account, including donations.

This prize pool will be used to sponsor the winner of the contest, along with @quintaesencia, with SBI units.

We also have 2 wonderful sponsors - 100 SBI from @IMPROV and 500 MAXUV tokens from @MAXUV. This Grand Prize Pool is really starting to get serious!
More information to come!

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A member bonus $trendotoken tip for @ecoinstar from MAXUV!
Also consider our MAPR fund and MAPXV vote bonds too.
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Hi whats this project about?
Any info post available

Hello! Yes, the main feed is on @ecoinstant and here's the most recent post: link