The Java Method to Read Content of File into a String

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The following FileUtils.readFile takes a file path, and a second paramter charset - then it will read the content of the file and return as a string. This is a handy method similar to file_get_contents in PHP.

class FileUtils {
    public static String readFile(String path, String charSet) {
        var s = new StringBuffer();
        if (charSet == null || charSet.isBlank() || charSet.isEmpty()) {
            charSet = "UTF-8";
        try (var reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(path), charSet))) {
            var ts = "";
            while ((ts = reader.readLine()) != null) {
                s.append(ts + System.lineSeparator());
            return s.toString();
        } catch (IOException e) {
        return null;

The charset if left blank or null, will be set to "UTF-8". The file is opened via FileInputStream, InputStreamReader and BufferedReader. And the content is put into a StringBuffer.

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