Better be safe than sorry...

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The last few days have been far from boring. Just when you think that everything is stagnant once again, whether that is the price or the daily activity, there's always a way to be surprised around here.

This time it was the soft fork v0.22.2 that was implemented in the code to prevent a hostile takeover.

I know that there have been numerous posts so far explaining far better than I would possibly do all those little details why this decision had to be made and to be honest with you, I am in favor of that decision taken by the super-majority of the top 20 witnesses.

If you ask me this was the epitome of DPoS.

At this point I want to explain the reasons why I back that decision made by the witnesses.

First and foremost because because that was an absolutely democratic procedure. Those witnesses are elected. They didn't happen to be there. They are approved by thousands of users and backed by millions of SP (since voting for witnesses is a stake based procedure).

And they are there for a reason. To act for the best interest of this blockchain. Period.

Do they have to explain every decision they are about to make? NO.

Do you have the right to unvote them if you feel that their actions aren't of the best interest of Steem and the community? YES.

Many feel that it was a sad day for Steem. It was indeed. But only because they delayed this procedure some 4 years...

Does that sound cruel? Really?

I wonder what would all Justin's proponents say, if he had acted first...

If for some reason and despite his good intentions had triggered a token swap...or had "pushed" himself with 20 different accounts / his chosen ones to the top 20 witness spots.

I guess we would be talking for the official death of Steem / STEEM. NO?

Think deeper...Would you exchange all your Steem holdings for TRX tokens? If so why haven't you done so already?

I'll tell you why. Because TRX compared to Steem sucks bad. That's why. Now imagine being forced to swap your tokens...

All your efforts...your investment...your passion...the time you spend around here trying to make this place the No1 blockchain in the crypto world so that those who follow may stay and enjoy what you / we have built...would be gone...just like that.

But would be a proud TRX holder, right? Sheesh...

Nobody stole his stake. A stake that is supposed to fund the development of this blockchain. It is there...waiting Justin to prove us his good intentions...

PS. Funny how he hasn't dropped a single comment in the comment section of his post where people expressed their concerns...

PS2. Also funny how he still doesn't shill as much as possible Steemit.Inc...his latest asset on Twitter or other social media platforms...

Don't get me wrong...I don't imply that his goal was to kill Steem...but we better be safe than sorry...

Have a good one.
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We are writing history here, democratically. Something that many should learn about.


I'm pretty sure it was not Justin's intentions to kill Steem @mindtrap. It was (and is) his intention to make money, and rule the world. Personally, I think it was his intention to control Steem/Steemit to try to add some "legitimacy" to his empire... he's gotten to where he is by skirting the edges of scamming and scheming; Tron allegedly has all these apps, but hardly any users.

Although the event — and the Steem/Steemit deal — had both been in the works for months, I think it's noteworthy that this all happened just a couple of weeks after Justin's $4.5M dinner with Warren Buffett. Again, this was set up LONG before this deal, BUT the lessons learned would still be fresh in Justin's mind. What does Buffett do? He invests in "undervalued basics." What was Steem's place in the crypto world? As close to an undervalued utility coin as you can get. We have working apps and users here.

Justin is pretty smart... if there was anything he might have been trying to "destroy" it might have been any publicity noise surrounding the launch of Dan's "Voice" project into full public Beta. That one landed with a THUD, thanks to all the focus being on the Tron/Steem deal.

Tron/Justin 1 — Voice/Dan 0

How this defensive move will play out in the longer term... remains to be seen. I just hope we didn't just lose the marketing, money and other resources we so terribly were missing, under the Ned tenure.


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I just hope we didn't just lose the marketing, money and other resources we so terribly were missing, under the Ned tenure.

We didn't have those in the first place...;)

I feel you man. I know for sure that his plan isn't to kill Steem, he's a business man and any wrong move will mean he loses money. Steem isn't about the market value, it's the people and immediately people stop giving a shit about the platform because of some shit you do or change, you lose. Ask Whaleshares.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best

First and foremost he is an investor. I don't think he wants to see his investment go down the toilet. That being said I am sure that once he gives reassurances that this stake will be used to further develop Steem, those funds will be partially “unfrozen”

Yup. Imagine how awesome it would be if those funds are spent on some aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns.

I agree with you on this one @mindtrap.

Great minds think alike 😝😉

I was one of the top investors in Enjin coin when during the ICO and participated in a lot of discussions about projects such as Tron. They really let loose on TRX and what a scam the whole thing is. I don't know how Justin has become such a powerful entity. Perhaps he is a professional pump/dumper? Not sure, but this is not what Steem is about!

I am not sure how he became so powerful as feels as himself, CZ, and a couple of others are a gang and they control everything...

Total support, friend!
You have developed a good theme.
Additionally, congratulations on your contribution to the initiative:

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in which I have left my participation and enjoyed it in a great way.

Thank you. I’ll check your entry later on.

Ok, thanks! You're very kind...