Another day another beating

in rambling •  last year  (edited)

I got beat up and I beat up people. While everyone has a smile on his face...most of the time.

BJJ is a sport which really humbles you and I think many people should take at least one lesson so they learn to keep their mouth shut in the bars and taim their little ego a bit.

Today there was a new guy. Small but you could see he was trained. You would not think a lot of him if you passed him on the street but fuck...he was strong as fuck, fast as fuck and overall good as fuck.

As it was no-gi I found out after the session he is a brown belt from the Netherlands and overall a pretty nice guy.

The beauty in BJJ is you can spar pretty much with 100% as you can always tap so your opponent let go off you and you will tap a lot...pretty much all the time. This "loosing" all the time is humbling and to realize what other persons are capable of doing to you even when they are the nicest people ever and look as intimidating as a smurf.

The ego does not like this and it takes some time to get used to but overall I think this is a great experience.

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What so this guy is even smaller than you?

Good place to find drinking buddies I guess? :)

Clearly you can't judge a book by its cover. I also had a classmate whom very weak if you'll see his physicality but a boxer.

You can only brush it off and learn more from the experience..

🤗😍😊just say you are awesome

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