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Reviewing a Tribe: LifeStyle

is a newly launched SCOT tribe on the Steem Platform. Which is a community who is supporting #lifestyle content. The founder of this tribe is but @khaleelkazi (founder of the Steemleo community) is the Partner, Investor and Advisor of this Community. Luckily the Tribe has been launched in less than a week and they have got lot of publicity on the Steem platform.

LifeStyle is rewarding your life's best moments which you share with others through a blog post on their platform as Their Motto is to

Live & Share Your Best Life...Which You've Only Got One!

They are distributing the reward on the platform as a token named as "Lifestyle" Which is tradable on

Content They are Supporting:

The Tribe is all about the life so they are supporting all the content which is related to your lifestyle:
  1. Food Blogs
  2. Life hacks
  3. Travel
  4. Hiking
  5. Photography
  6. Beer
  7. Wine
  8. Grilling
  9. Kayaking
  10. Sunshine and Sunsets
  11. Taking Your Dog for a Walk
  12. ....

Because they Think:

Just think: what do you do in life that you enjoy most? What makes you smile in the present moment and love the feeling of just being alive.

That’s what #lifestyle is all about. It’s about closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and just soaking in the present moment. Living life to the fullest can be done anywhere and anytime.

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Best Thing About The Platform

What I liked the most about the platform is about their Reward Distribution Program because In the Initial stage of the Tribe they are focusing on the reputation of their platform because they started reward distribution in a very low quantity. They are trying to get lower the risk of dumping the platform.

The Procedure of their Initial Reward Distribution Supply:

*40-40-20 PoB, PoM and PoD:

LIFESTYLE tokens are distributed in 3 ways:

  • Proof of Brain (PoB) - (40%)
  • Proof of Mining (PoM) - (40%)
  • Proof of Delegation (PoD) - (20%)

Proof of Brain is what we all know and love here on Steem. Make content, curate content, etc. and earn tokens.

Proof of Mining is distributed through the Lifestyle Miner (LM) tokens.

Proof of Delegation is distributed to STEEM POWER delegators to the account.

Unique AirDrop Style

Their Airdrop system is very unique because they are not going to airdrop tokens in a day or in a week. They are going to complete their airdrop session in a 6 Month time period. We can also call it a tiny Airdrop because I've got 5 LifeStyle Tokens as an Airdop. They are trying their best to stop dumping of the lifrstyle.
They Said in their official Post:

We May airdrop a tiny amount of tokens to LEO stakeholders over the next 6 months, but the amount of LIFESTYLE airdropped will be higher depending on a few different factors:

  • Lifestyle already staked
  • Activity in the #lifestyle community
  • Curation activities
  • etc.

LifeStyle Token Miner

They also launched the LifeStyle Miner (LM) which is available on anyone can purchase it and staked them to start earning passive Tokens. Their 40% of the inflation pool goes to the miners and there are 75 winning miners each hour. The Miners are also in very low quantity on sale below is the complete chart of their lifestyle selling in the 6 Month Period.

Image Source


In my Opinion I am looking a well planed tribe who has potential for a long time stability and a profitable platform. Maybe its the perfect time to invest in the platform because there long term plans are very good and hopefully it allow every perfect blogger to get benefit by sharing your life's best Moments.

Thank You...!

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