Zinedine Zidane on brink of resign if Real dose not buy Paul Pogba.

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Zinedine is 'on the brink' of quitting Real Madrid after failing to sign Paul Pogba From Man U.

Zidane promised that he will bring Pogba to Madrid and end the day of loosing but as it looks, he has failed to sign Pogba and the club is losing match after match.

Real has suffered huge disappointment in the pre-season after defeats to Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Roma.

Zinedine is looking also one solution of bringing Pogbo to the club.

Remember the Premier League window was closed but clubs can buy players from the Primer League still.

Real may increase the bid on Pogba.

Pogba too would also want to play for a team that is in the Champions League.

Let us wait and see how this will end.

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