Dennis Brown; A Legendary Reggae Singer and Songs Writer From Kingston, Jamaica

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Dennis Brown


This reggae music post today will talk a bit about a reggae legend singer and songs writer from Jamaica. He is Dennis Brown. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica on February 1st, 1957. The reggae lovers knew him since the 1970s with some hit reggae songs such as Money In My Pocket, Sitting and Watching, Cassandra, No More Will I Roam, Africa, Love Jah, Repatriation, Jah Can Do It, Love And Hate, Promised Land, Judge Not.

You can find all of about his songs here. He started to be a singer since he was 11 years old and he had has recorded 75 albums.


Dalam Postingan musik reggae hari ini saya akan berbicara sedikit tentang seorang penyanyi legenda reggae dan penulis lagu dari Jamaika. Dia adalah Dennis Brown. Ia lahir di Kingston, Jamaika pada tanggal 1 Februari 1957. Para pecinta reggae mengenalnya sejak tahun 1970-an dengan beberapa lagu reggae terkenal seperti Money In My Pocket, Sitting and Watching, Cassandra, No More Will I Roam, Africa, Love Jah, Repatriation, Jah Can Do It, Love And Hate, Promised Land, Judge Not.

Anda dapat menemukan semua tentang lagunya pada link ini. Dia mulai menjadi penyanyi sejak dia berusia 11 tahun dan dia telah merekam 75 album.

Dennis Brown was in live concert in 1979 singing Money in My Pocket / Dennies Brown dalam konser langsung pada Tahun 1979 sedang nyanyikan tembang hitnya Money in My Pocket.

Personally I love listening to Dennis Brown's songs. _Revolution_ is also become my favorite song of him. Dennis Brown died in Kingston on July 1st, 1999. Secara pribadi saya senang dengarkan lagu-lagu dari Dennis Brown. _Revolution_ juga menjadi lagu Dennis Brown favorit saya. Dennis Brown meninggal dunia pada 01 Juli 1999 di Kingston, Jamaica.


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Hello, there. I am not really a fan of Reggae, however, I can not forget people like Bob Marley. Reggae music inspires and motivates sometimes because they are mostly true-life stories and facts painted and moulded into music. It's not really easy to come up with their drum beats using digital devices. One way or another, local or cultural drum must be used. Nice review by the way.

At the end of your post, I think the banners are too big and are not well aligned. I would suggest that you arrange them in a tabular format instead.


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@bahagia-arbi, Thank you for letting us know. This field have so much to know and learn. Have a great time ahead.

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You are wellcome, @chireerocks. Reggasteem is a nice platform for Reggae lovers. We JAHMin!

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Welcome and that's true.

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