ReggaeSteem Journey - (Reggaesteem FREE JAHM Contest Entry, Hosted by @conradsuperb)

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In a way i am exploring almost all Tribes on Steem Blockchain. In my opinion I've started ReggaeSteem Journey approximately four or five months back when i read about this Community on @dmilliz's blog.

I got to know more about @dmilliz when we were part of Link777. When i got to know that @dmilliz with @donald.porter and @miyard is came up with a Reggae Music and Jamaican Culture Community I've decided to have a look and to explore and today when i look back that decision turned best for me.

I will be genuine here, whenever i spend time in any project and tribe i see two aspects and those are Spiritual Satisfaction and Monetary Satisfaction. By Spiritual Satisfaction i mean, sometimes we do some work when we don't want to and it don't resonate with our Spirit. So here i am doing my Poetry work passionately.

Monetary aspect should not be the only motivation but it's one of the Motivation. I am Full Time Steemian, and when we are getting effective returns for our Time and Efforts then it's a boost for sure. In my case in ReggaeSteem Ecosystem my efforts are bringing fruitful results to me.


In life's journey everyone get an opportunity to explore and to walk on diversified path and these path awaits with unique experiences and Learning Points. We see one behaviour very commonly and that is, people act very Artificially.

But when it comes to ReggaeSteem my personal experience says that people reflect as they are and they give feedback and respond very openly and it's good because, when things are Transparent then we can see the reality of Journey and Situation.

Currently ReggaeSteem is small Community when it comes to Steem Blockchain but slowly and gradually it's attracting more and more eyeballs 👀 and i am really happy to see this Growth and i believe that so much more to come.

"What I Learned"? I am expressing myself through poetry mostly and currently i am continuing with my JAHM Poetry series . I don't know much about Jamaica 🇯🇲 so i am doing my Research and while researching I've noticed two things very commonly and those are, Jamaica 🇯🇲 faced so many Natural Disasters and phases of Enslavement but yet they overcome and still healing from it in some cases. Now picture of Jamaica is changed and rapidly changing, now became one of the best Tourist Attractions.


Before telling about the JAHM Poetry i will tell how I've started my Poetry Journey on Steem Blockchain. I've joined Steem Blockchain in month of Oct 2017, before that I've never wrote any content or writing piece before in my life, poetry was out of my thought because i was pro sports person was playing Cricket and Athletics.

But slowly Steem Journey started me to awake and one day felt very depressing like so much weight is added on me. So i went to sleep and after waked up from nowhere I've started writing poetry and from that moment my life turned upside down and i became more Thoughtful Being.

Now Poetry is my Tool Of Expression. One thing is for sure, but many don't believe and they think that i am foolish, and that is i am Full Time Steemian. Yes, financially i am broke down but there is one connection with Steem Journey and that is, this journey will empower me.

In ReggaeSteem Ecosystem I've started with JAHM Poetry, at this moment first i am doing my Research about Jamaica 🇯🇲 and coming up with my poetry. And hope that some day will visit Jamaica too.

Want to appreciate @conradsuperb for this contest.

Steem On.


You can support my work through below mediums too.












Discord Channel Links:



If you are already exploring the ReggaeSteem Ecosystem then kindly find the below contest post for your reference.

Tagging @ravisarikonda, @josediccus and @kgakakillerg.

(Pictures are edited with Canva).

"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Very nice entry, I thank you for participating. There are many reasons why we would be a part of a tribe here on steem. Your reasons are personal and they have led to the growth you have experienced thus far. I also have written some poetry in my time and the thoughful expression through which your words convey meaning is cherishable.

I hope one day you are able to travel here and personalize these experiences even more so. Thank you for your efforts here, then surely have not gone unnoticed.

You have found a home in reggaesteem.

Respect rocks
(PS - irie was correct... please edit post and tag 3 users so you meeting the qualifying criteria set forth in the original contest post).

Much thanks and stay blessed

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Thank you so much brother and definitely now ReggaeSteem became connected space for me. Stay blessed.

Loving the honesty. Full time steemian, that takes guts , it will surely pay off in the long run. Thanks for creating JAHM Poetry, it will grow and be adopted by many in the near future I believe. Blessings.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

These words are really empowering one brother. Thank you so much and stay blessed.

Interesting. Your reasons are real. It's a post well composed. Thanks for sharing.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind appreciation and response. Stay blessed.

Interesting entry friend @chireerocks

You do a good count of how you got here and why you're still here. Very much in agreement with what was said.

It doesn't stop impressing me that you live off steemit, I think about it, and in my case, to cover it basic I would have to earn no less than 80-100 steem a day just to cover the basic. I don't know how you do it.

Good luck in the contest and in life.

I am Full Time Steemian but financially broken too. I am continuing this journey because i believe, this journey will empower me. And Steem Journey awakened me and whatever i do here it's my passion. Stay blessed.

Think you have to nominate 3 new steem accounts, that are not
presently posting
#reggaesteem or #jahm.

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Done brother. 👍

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a very extraordinary story and also interesting to me

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Thank you so much for your empowering words brother. Stay blessed.

Nicely written rocks.
I just reread qualifying criteria. Think you have to nominate three steemers. Should be easy for you with large number of followers you have.

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Thank you so much for letting me know. I've read that but forgot to add three mentions.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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