Another Reggae Songwriter Lost! RIP Toko Tasi.....

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Heyo! Jahman,

Another moment to mourn to us as one of the reggae artist and songwriter was shot on Thursday Night and claimed dead on Saturday.

There was a gunshot around Hill Street and Magnolia Avenue in South Wrigley where Tasi Malaki was shot in the upper torso when walking. He tried to fleed and called the attention of police and they rescued him but we lost him.

Tasi Malaki who is also known as Toko Tasi was from Hawaii and he was 45 years till the time of his death, He was a reggae long beach artist, a songwriter who had worked with a brand like slightly stoopid and Sublime.

Although I read that the gunshot was from a suspect Toko Tasi had a dispute with but the deed has been done. We lost a legend, a singer, a ninja, songwriter

May his soul rest in peace! Feel One of his song below!

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