Koffee: 19 years Lady With Reggae Energy Flowing! Toast

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Hello! Jahm,

It has occurred to me that to become a legend is a thing you build yourself. Although some legend are genius born with talent and they are making use of it.

Today, I was checking out a very young reggae artist who is a 19 years old lady with charisma and her friends called her Koffee with real name Mikayla Simpson. Koffee is a nickname given by her friend when she served hot ordered hot coffee on a very hot day instead of soda. It was a fun day but the name has come to stand. She originated from Jamaica in Spanish Town and she is known as a singer, deejay, and a rapper. She started her musical journey in 2017 and her music has been awesome.

Check out one of the her music and enjoy the flow! Jah has blessed us with a great artist and one thing I learned from the music below is Gratitude. Listen and Enjoy!

Title: Toast
Written By: Koffee
Label: Columbia & Sony Music Entertainment UK
Release Date: November 15, 2018
Remixed By: TOAST by Tory Lanez (Ft. Koffee)
Lyris: Toast Lyris

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