Do you want to become an astronomer!!

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Do you want to understand the universe and all its endless wonders and mysteries, like those we see of galaxies? A vast sky with millions of stars and billions of colors and bright colors that make you feel in a huge vacuum filled with awe, astonishment, admiration and curiosity.All by applying the laws of physics, do you want to roll up your sleeves and explore outer planets and reveal the truth of cosmic origins? If you answered all these questions with a tremendous yes! It is evidence that you are strongly inclined to study astrophysics.

What is astrophysics?
According to Renee Spiwak of the Swinburne Center for Astrophysics and Supercomputing: “An astrophysicist is studying galaxies, planets, stars or other celestial objects such as black holes and asteroids. Astrophysicists predict how the universe will end. ”

Because astrophysicist distracts clearly from issues related to galaxies and cosmic challenges, he never limits his thinking.

According to NASA, you want to ask yourself three key questions: How does the universe work? How did we get here? Are we alone?

According to NASA's scientific questions, thousands of years ago, people turned their eyes to the stars and wondered if there were other beings like them, and were their lives similar to ours?

And to ask yourself those three questions it means that you are already an astrophysicist, but to get the full picture, it is advisable to have a degree in astrophysics.

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