Rationalization of resource consumption | Changing the daily routine

in science •  last year 

This is in addition to changing the daily routine:
Water consumption can be greatly reduced by investing in a low-flow shower head. These energy-saving showers can save about 160,000 liters each year depending on family size.

You should also check that the house is free of leaks from toilets or taps, as this leak not only wastes water, but can also raise your monthly water bill.

Second, switching to green lights, and eco-friendly light bulbs are not new, but are finally starting to grab the attention of homeowners.

Nowadays, companies are displaying a large number of energy-saving light bulbs, so finding what fits every home is easier than ever.
They use less electricity but are more incandescent than their conventional counterparts, and even have a longer service life, meaning that the costs of replacing them will be lower.

If we turn to smart lighting, we can program the lamps to further improve energy consumption, as smart lights can be programmed to turn them on and off automatically as needed.

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