Where did HIV come from? | HIV (HIV) and conspiracy theory

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There are some "strange" ideas about the origins of the AIDS virus. Some believe that the government was a cause of its spread, while others are thought to have spread among humans as a result of human mating with monkeys.
In fact, there are many conspiracy theories about HIV. Some do not originally believe that the virus causes AIDS, and some people think it is man-made, but in fact, there is no evidence to support any of this.

According to a 2005 study, targeting African Americans, nearly 50% of them believed the virus was plant-based by scientists, 25% thought it was funded by the government, and quite a few believed the virus was an attempt by the government to determine who Increase the number of black or gay citizens.

There is no evidence at all to support these allegations.

Among the early documents on HIV were published in the late 1950s, it is naive to believe that scientists at the time possessed technology to manufacture viruses.

We have only been able to know the DNA composition of vital cells in 1953.

Only recently have we been able to synthesize a laboratory microbial genome, let alone make a virus.
Tracking the origin of the virus (HIV)

There is a great deal of evidence that HIV originated as a result of the intergenerational transmission of viruses close to each other, many of which are naturally present in host Africa.

Given the genome of these viruses, which are known as SIV, and comparing them to different types of HIV, the SIV virus is the closest to the AIDS virus. Moreover, there is similarity in the geographic distribution between SIV Various host objects and between virus (HIV).

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