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Pemasangan tenda hias di salah satu rumah mempelai wanita.

Tenda hias ini berukuran 6 meter x 6 meter , tenda hias ini juga memiliki beberapa warna-warni, warna maron digabungkan dengan warna kuning,membuat tampilan tenda hias semakin cantik.

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Your post translated reads:

Installation of decorative tents in one of the bride's houses.

This decorative tent measuring 6 meters x 6 meters, this decorative tent also has several colors, the maron color is combined with yellow, making the appearance of the decorative tent even more beautiful.

This has nothing to do with investing or crypto, therefor does not fit the #steemleo tag. I am sure @noleo4u would agree.

I do. Thank you @derangedinvestor

@noleo4u @derangedinvestor

I just joined, so I don't understand, and now I understand, thank you for the information

It's all good. Thank you for understanding. When you do write a piece of content about investing, be sure to use the tag steemleo and we will love it ;)

I will do it, thank you for your response :)