Axeman's Showcase Sunday #011

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Highlight best from the blog what happened during the week. For those who wasn't active certain days and maybe missed something interesting, so you can look here in this digest



#1 Axeman's Travelfeed #015 - Caesarea Maritima Part #01 - Behind The Photo Contest Entry

Today we are going to visit ancient City of Caesarea Maritima, also knows as Caesarea Palestinae, which is located at the coast of Mediterranean not far to the North from Tel-Aviv, Israel

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#2 EEDITORIAL USE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR STEEMIT - Update #006 / Glitters (7 Photos)

Update #006 to EDITORIAL USE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR STEEMIT project. Further details you can find HERE

All photos below uploaded to the IMAGE BANK and can be freely used by all STEEMIT content creators citing the source, either mentioning @axeman


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Soul Sisters

Next frame from this Summer's photoshoot with two friends shot at the wavebreakers line of the Port of Klaipeda gates.
Very interesting geometry of concrete stones with nice structure. Almost vertical shooting point sllowed to get very interesting and dynamic composition.

Post-production and color grading in LR+PS



Femme Fatale

Stylish studio phortait of perfect extravagant model. Some nice outfit and smoke machine very well used...
One studio light from top left


Endangered Species

retty dark and moody Summer sunset at the beach of Baltic Sea, Lithuania. Yeah, that's how Summer does look here pretty often :)
Another log which reminds some unknown sea creature thrown ashore, which plays just perfect foreground and leading line. Interesting color contrast here from warm sand to much colder deep blue clouds


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Golden Dream

Beauty boudoir portrait actually shot at the VIP room of local luxury casino. Very unusual carpet worked well as a background to a perfect model. Vertical shooting point. Mixture of available artificial light and movable studio flash.


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"The Burning Ice" ice skating show 2019 Part #6 - A Visual Story (19 Photos)

"The Burning Ice" ice skating show took place here in Klaipeda concert arena already for 18th time. It is really became a great tradition generally in Lithuania (the show passes through Vilnius and Kaunas as well), when a lot of top world champions coming all together to present the nice mixture of top ice skating abilities combined with a lot of show elements - musicians, singers, acrobats, etc

This year wasn't exclusion. Amazing over 2 hours experience, a lot of actions, dynamics, high quality skating, light and sound.

Got over 2K frames this time, since obviously a lot to be made to catch all those motions in a different perspective.
Here we go with Part #6, the last one and with real BURNING ICE!


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