Axeman's Showcase Sunday #013

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Highlight best from the blog what happened during the week. For those who wasn't active certain days and maybe missed something interesting, so you can look here in this digest



#1 "Apeironas" (Apeiron) Theatrical Performance "Ašmenys" (Blades) Part 6 - A Visual Story (15 Photos)

6th part of theatrical performance by already known by earlier posts "Apeiron Theater" - small unconventional theater located in the center of Klaipeda city


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#2 EDITORIAL USE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR STEEMIT - Update #011 / Stillife: Patterns (10 Photos)

Update #011 to EDITORIAL USE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR STEEMIT project.. Further details you can find HERE

All photos below uploaded to the IMAGE BANK and can be freely used by all STEEMIT content creators citing the source, either mentioning @axeman


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Evening Muse

Perfectly warm late Spring morning at the garden near Klaipeda. The nature just starts to bloom, as well as the perfect beautiful model lightened by the warm rays of the dawning sun


Splinterlands Art Contest Week 66 - Drawn to Darkness

Just freshly retouched next frame from 2018 year archive. Excellent workshop by professional body-art master from Vilnius, Lithuania. This particular make-up actually made by local make-up artist attending the workshop, also very talented and generating many interesting ideas


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Sunrise Patterns

Early morning at the beach just in front of Larnaca Castle on Cyprus. Some people taking a chance to have some morning swim or to do some job with boats when it is still not become too hot...
Nice patterns on the sand working as leading lines and bringing interesting pattern into the frame.


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Qurator's Photo Friday #109 - The Flowing Time

Actually winter sunset at the aquatory of the port of Klaipeda, but without snow and with a very warm colors of golden hour on sunset. Another Phoenix slowly flies in the sky on a very long exposure (123 seconds this time)
Obviously camera placed on a steady tripod and LEE Big Stopper (10 stops) filer used in combination with Gradient one. Wide angle lens


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Portrait Photography Contest Week 110 - No Longer Blinded by Our Eyes

Being generally a color photographer my main part of portraits always comes in colors. Bot that I do not like black and white. In the contrary, thing is that to name BW portrait for me is much easier and it brings more strong emotion and feeling... But I'm not looking for easy ways :)

Here is BW conversion of previously posted color portrait for this week contest theme.
Studio art portrait with some additional accessories and the case, when you don't really need the eyes contact to feel the emotion and to read the story behind


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