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I have never been a lucky person. If I go fishing, the fish swim to the other side of the lake! If I enter a raffle, well I donated to the cause! So with that in mind, I entered @summertooth's raffle with a limited number of tickets and figured I would watch as the random number generator picked numbers other than mine. However this time, fortune was smiling on me as I was actually 'generated' in the random number generator and won one of four prizes! Who me? Mrs. Unlucky and never wins anything? So here is what I received.


A nice note from @summertooth and a one troy ounce silver round. This is the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Lunar Moon Landing commemorative silver round. On the obverse are the words 'Apollo 11' with a depiction of the earth in the background. An eagle hovers over the surface of the moon in reference to the infamous words, 'The eagle has landed'. On the reverse side is a depiction of the Lunar Landing Module on the surface of the moon, and around it '1969, NASA 2019, .999 fine silver and one troy ounce.'



So, I guess I'm going to date myself here, and tell you that I remember this event. I remember sitting in front of the TV and anxiously watched, as did thousands of Americans, as astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped down from the ladder of the Lunar Module onto the surface of the moon! If you were watching, it was something you never forgot. He spoke the famous words, 'That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind'.

After his astronautical career, he went on to be a professor at the University of Cincinnati, (ironically where I grew up) and unless they've been moved, there are moon rocks there to this day.

Thank you @summertooth for running a raffle! You changed my losing streak, lol!

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out! Please feel free to leave any comments below. Take care and have a lovely day!😎🙌🤗

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