# 1156 - Twenty for Twenty - Part 8

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The info below comes from the Royal Canadian Mint's COA (Certificate of Authenticity) of this coin or https://en.numista.com/ , or https://www.wikipedia.org/.

From 2011 to 2016 the Royal Canadian Mint issued a series called "Twenty for Twenty". All the coins were CAD $20, weighting 7.96g (1/4oz) with 99.99% silver purity and Specimen finish. The issue price for each one was CAD $20. Twenty-one coins were minted in this series.

I don't have all of them, but I will show those that are with me.

The eighth is the 2014 CAD $20 "Bobcat".

Its mintage was 223,496 units.

Seen here is the bobcat, a nocturnal hunter that can be found from southern Canada all the way to northern Mexico. In Canada, the population of bobcats is quite limited, due first to the level of snow depth, as its paws cannot support its weight on the snow efficiently, and secondly, due to the presence of the Canadian lynx, who has the advantage of large, padded feet. The bobcat was an impressive entity to early European settlers, and has long been a part of some First Nations mythologies-it is said that the bobcat is twinned with the coyote in a theme of duality, as opposed yet similar entities that represent the fog and the wind, respectively.

The reverse, designed by Ken Ryan, is a striking depiction of the creature. We are viewing it in mid-pounce, lunging at some unseen prey-or is it us? The individually engraved whiskers and ripples of fur are a testament to the world-class craftsmanship of the Royal Canadian Mint staff.



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I am sure the Mrs would take one home if she could @ronaldoavelino......😇