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My older son loves photography. Yesterday afternoon he took me and his sister to a reservoir close to the beach to practice how to take landscape photos manually. while watching him take photos, I also took some pictures around the location, the bustle of the people around and also some macro photos using my cellphone.


The women in our village are known to be diligent and resilient, the two photos above are women who are carrying coconuts to be sold in the market. The livelihoods of my villagers in agriculture, fisheries and plantations. The involvement of women is very large in sustaining the family economy.

Pedaling a bicycle is not considered a sport in my village, because it is a means of transportation. from children to adults pedaling a bicycle to a destination location is common.

In the leaves of this plant I found grasshoppers, I thought it would be good if I could share with you.



This is my first boy who is enjoying photography.....
and his younger brother has always been a good judge.

Steemians... have a nice day....

CameraSmartphone cam (Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1)
LensExternal lens for mobile (no branded)
Editing SoftwarePhotos
LocationAceh - INDONESIA
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