Super Easy! How To Earn ACTNEARN Rewards!

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Never update #socialmedia for free. Monetize your social media by earning #ActnEarn token for each of your actions on social media.

Let's see how to earn rewards from @actnearn Don't forget to use #Share2Steem dapp to bind your account with Steem.



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How to earn rewards from ActnEarn — ActnEarn


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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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You are on way to be actnearn brand ambassador!!!

I'm happy to helping and creating content about #ActnEarn then promote this valuable project.

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Hi @anggreklestari!
What kind of posts are welcome on ActnEarn?

Sorry to say, but I don't see getting reward posting in this platform.

Make sure you use Share2Steem Dapp. You can start with click

This dapp will post your Instagram or Twitter post to Steem

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