Challenge Battle of the Week with GRIM REAPER by Harold

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This time we are going to talk about the GRIM REAPER, this card if I have it in my collection at level 5 which has the ability at level 1 affliction and at level 5 oppression, which is a very effective ability against Lord A.
Here I show you my battle and tell you why I used each card and in each position.

To start and select the summoners the battle rules were as follows:

1.- Silenced Summoners
2.- Only common and rare summoners can be used in battle.
3.- 44 Mana


By the rules of battle I selected my best summoner even if DARIA DRAGONSCALE was silenced.

In first position I placed the PHANTASM for its speed and its ability to fly and return fire.

In second place I placed NIGHTMARE also for being fast and having the ability to Blats.

In third place the GELATINOUS CUBE for its Scavenger ability and that it heals itself, and I placed it there for 2 reasons, if the enemy placed a card with Snipe attack or if they eliminated my first 2 cards it healed itself and so I could hold a little more the attacks of my enemy.

Then I placed OCTOPIDER for having 4 ranged attack and Demoralize ability, also for having 7 health.

In the next position I placed TWISTED JESTER for having 3 rank attack and Snipe ability, he is also fast and is always one of the first to attack.

Last but not least to the star of the night GRIM REAPER for having 4 rank attack and the abilities of Affliction and Oppression.

In the following image I will show you all my equipment from the battle.


This was my team selected for the battle and thanks to the contribution of each one of them I managed to obtain the Victory.


Here is the link to the battle in case you want to watch it with my referral link

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