What is your Splinterlands Schedule like

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Splinterlands is fun especially when you have nothing else to do online. Everyone have what works for them, I get engaged in it sometimes not always. But I have a mapped out schedule for playing.
I do it for fun, and I don't put my whole mind in it, as it will get you worried and frustrated sometimes.

Today was epic moment for me, I have lost a lot of battles but each time, I keep learning, is not all about your cards as sometimes the rules of the game will play you off.

You got few seconds to arrange/prepare for battle, wrong choice of summoners is definitely defeat for yuh.

I bagged them lots of Win Streaks today


Anytime I start playing, I don't give up (loose or win) until three conditions are certified.

  • I have up to 200 Dec
  • My mana resources is the range 60-70 as below leads to low incentive
  • I finished the days task

I don't have any legendary card yet, and I'm not planning on attaining 1-20 on the league position ranking.
I'm always found in league Silver II & III where I get 18 cards at the end of the season.


When I thought it was good already, I never knew it was getting better. I did lots of great line up today


Goblin Mech lead lots of battle

Splinterlands is more amazing and enjoyable when you are the one winning 😂😂😂😂


Leave a comment below, let's see if I can challenge an amateur like me.



And have a happy holidays


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