Christian has had differences in Juventus in the last games

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The marriage between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, so far happy, is going through a crisis. It is the talk in Italy and there are few who criticize the attitude of Portuguese in the last two games.

First it was in the Champions League, when he was replaced in the final stretch against Lokomotiv of Moscow, a circumstance that the player did not like, which responded with airy gestures towards his coach. He later justified: “He got angry because he is not well. For a few days he has some discomfort in the knee that lead him to load on the adductor, which gets too tired. Already at rest I was nervous about it. Then, I saw that in an acceleration he made a movement that I did not like and I removed it because I was afraid that he would really hurt himself.

The thing could remain there, but days later the same situation was repeated again. In the Serie A match against Milan, Cristiano was chosen to leave the field at game time, despite the 0-0 on the scoreboard. "Foda-se" (fuck you), could read on his lips as he left, an insult to his coach that can be expensive. Even more if we add that he left directly to the locker room, he did not stay with his teammates and left the stadium before the outcome. Dybala, with his goal, ended up being the hero that allows Juventus to continue in the fight for leadership with Inter.

Criticisms of Cristiano, therefore, are justified. Among them, the one by Fabio Capello, one of the most recognized figures in the country and among the Juventine fan, has stood out: «It's been three years since anyone leaves. He has to be champion even when he is changed. Not only when things are going well, ”he said in“ Sky Italia ”. Sarri, on the other hand, was softer, although he did not shy away from criticism: "If he left before the field he will have to solve it with his teammates."

As published today "La Gazzetta dello Sport", Juventus does not want to add more fuel to the fire, even if that means having a favorable treatment towards its star. There will be no fine. However, he does want to arrange an "informal meeting" between Cristiano, Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici to show the player that this is not the best way to act. For this, according to this information, they would have contacted even their representative Jorge Mendes. They also expect an apology from seven. Everything to channel the waters.

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hopefully calm down in juventus.

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Christian in crisis in Italy with Juventus.

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