Cristiano Ronaldo has several offers on the table to leave Juventus, only his choice would be missing

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Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be going from Italy to another direction that he could choose very soon, that destiny seems to be England, Cristiano could finish in Manchester United a team that has always wanted to return.


The selection matches came at a time that initially seemed favorable for Juventus, as they could calm the spirits between Cristiano Ronaldo and Maurizio Sarri. Far from generating tranquility, they have served to increase doubts in the relationship between player and coach. ‘CR7’ being allegedly injured, he started with the Portuguese National Team and scored a hat-trick to increase his legend. The excuse of the physical problems was completely discarded after appreciating the state so that it has the highest historical scorer of his country.

In Italy, the youth leadership is not making the 5 times Golden Ball feel really comfortable and they can pay dearly. The lesson of what happened to Real Madrid by Florentino Pérez does not seem to have been completely clear in Turin.

The chances of Cristiano spending his last years in the ‘Vecchia Signora’ are getting smaller and he already has two interesting offers to go out next year.

Cristiano Ronaldo evaluates your options
The two clubs that are looking to get Ronaldo out of Juventus are: Manchester United and PSG. His desire to return to United existed since he was at Real Madrid, but now with 34 years of age, feelings begin to play an important role. The Champions League classification of the ‘Red Devils’ is a fundamental requirement in order to make the decision.


In the case of the interest of the Parisians, the offensive would be definitive if a crack between Neymar and Mbappé. This is feasible given the pressure of the meringue institution to get another galactic for your project.

Cristiano Ronaldo after having won almost everything and being on top of world football, will not stand to be treated as an average player on any team. It may be the last days of ‘7’ in the absolute dominator of Italian Serie A.

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Juventus will be worried about the possible departure of his star.

I should because Cristiano Ronaldo is a great world soccer player for the whole story.

Hopefully Christian will make the right decision and go to a team that feels more comfortable.