cristiano ronaldo wants to call real madrid a signing

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This player has a lot of quality, hopefully if Christian manages to convince Juventus to hire him and crush them to Real Madrid.


Ferran Torres continues to attract the interest of several top-level clubs. After knowing that Barça, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund or Napoli were following in their footsteps, now more clubs are added. In fact, Real Madrid sounded very loud a few weeks ago, coming to ensure that they would present a firm offer for him, even in January.

Although in Mestalla they already assured that they would not let anyone out in the middle of the season, but that in June they would study offers. Because they are obliged to raise more than 50 million euros before July 1, to settle the accounts and not breach the FAIR Play Financial, which would entail a tremendous punishment, with an astronomical fine and without being able to dispute European competitions, as It has happened to Milan this year.

The only way they have to collect that quick amount is to transfer to one of their stars. In that sense, only Rodrigo Moreno, Gonçalo Guedes and the canterano exceed that market value. And while the first do not want to let go, the second has no proposals on the table, leaving the only way of escape the march of the Spanish international U21.

However, Florentino Pérez is no longer as interested. He values ​​his level and his potential, since he has already tried to take him three times, but now, with the irruption of Rodrygo Goes, he does not see it necessary. And the Juventus of Turin has appeared very strong on stage, willing to pay what the ‘ché’ club asks for Torres, one of the great promises on the world stage.

They can lose several troops in attack, such as Paulo Dybala, Marko Pjaca or Mario Mandzukic, leaving room for the end of 19 years. Cristiano Ronaldo would have given the operation a green light and Ferran himself would not see him with bad eyes at all.

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