the selection of japo already defined its players to face the vinotinto

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hello friends of steemit on this day Sunday weekend that God has allowed us to be here with you this time I will talk to you about the next meeting of the vinotinto.


The Japan team released the list of players they will face Venezuela, in the match that will be played in Osaka on November 19.

The call of coach Hajime Moriyasu will have a base of Japanese championship players, including four players called for the first time.

Of the 23 mentioned, seven militants outside their country, among which stand out the experienced Eiji Kawashima and Gaku Shibasaki.


In addition, there will be nine developments in relation to the list to be measured in Kyrgyzstan on November 14, a match valid for the Asian qualifiers to the 2022 World Cup.

Yuto Nagatomo, Maya Yoshida, Hiroki Sakai and Takumi Minamino are on that list but not in which they will face Vinotinto.

Japan will return from Kyrgyzstan to start training in the face of the clash with Venezuela from 16. On the day following preparation, the 18th will make the recognition and the official press conference to play on 19 at the Suita stadium before the team led by Rafael Dudamel


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