Vinotinto making his last preparation to face Japan on Tuesday

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The national team is still preparing in the Asian continent for its friendly against Japan as a whole next Tuesday in Osaka.

On Friday, coach Rafel Dudamel was able to count on all his warriors. The defender Wílker Ángel and the forward Andrés Ponce joined the training to complete the list of the 24 summoned who will play their last and only friendly match in this selection match.

The U23 team fell

The Vinotinto Sub-23 fell last Friday with a global of (3-1) against the Paraguayan team in Asunción.

The first part sentenced the national team, where they conceded two goals with no ability to respond. In the complement was the reaction of the eleven vinotinto scoring a goal through Antonio Romero 48 ', an effort that lasted little, because in 65' Paraguay put the (3-1) final.


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