Manchester City destroy Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium

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Arsenal have just been crushed by Manchester City on their own turf. This is certainly very detrimental for Arsenal, especially those who have just fired the head coach, namely Unai Emery

in the 17th week of the English Premier League the big match occurred but Arsenal could not do much so the visitors managed to score three goals without Reply to their goal

A player with a wealth of experience from Belgium, Kevin De Bruyne, managed to score a goal in the second minute. Of course, this was a goal that greatly surprised the Emirates Stadium public. He was also able to be the creator of Manchester City's second goal, precisely at minute 15 scored by Raheem Sterling.

with a landslide victory Manchester City is currently in third place in the English Premier League standings by winning 35 points while Arsenal are still stuck in 9th position of the standings and if they lose again they could immediately jump into position 10


Arsenal baru saja dihancurkan oleh Manchester City di wilayah mereka sendiri. Ini tentu sangat merugikan bagi Arsenal, terutama mereka yang baru saja memecat pelatih kepala, yaitu Unai Emery

di minggu ke 17 Liga Premier Inggris pertandingan besar terjadi tetapi Arsenal tidak bisa berbuat banyak sehingga tim tamu berhasil mencetak tiga gol tanpa Membalas gol mereka

Seorang pemain dengan banyak pengalaman dari Belgia, Kevin De Bruyne, berhasil mencetak gol di menit kedua. Tentu saja, ini adalah gol yang sangat mengejutkan publik Stadion Emirates. Ia juga mampu menjadi pencipta gol kedua Manchester City, tepatnya pada menit 15 dicetak oleh Raheem Sterling.

dengan kemenangan telak Manchester City saat ini di tempat ketiga di klasemen Liga Premier Inggris dengan memenangkan 35 poin sementara Arsenal masih terjebak di posisi ke-9 klasemen dan jika mereka kalah lagi mereka bisa langsung melompat ke posisi 10

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