Let's Watch Parkour Twins and Freerunning

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Sometimes you see something and you just say, WOW! How did they do that?

When you see parkour video, you can feel that way. I'm a fan. No suggestion how to do that. I usually talk about martial arts and self defense, and share my opinions about what you can do to defend yourself. You can check out my lastest post where I shared a video and gave my tips what can be done in that situation. Here's the link.

What Would Do In This Situation?- Grabbing Hair and Pulling - Self Defense 1

By the way, do you like parkour? Let's watch this video.

Please do not try this at home.

Probably I would say that again. They are professional. They have been training for years to get there. So if you try to do something like that, it can be dangerous. Well, if you are interested in learning it, you can learn it where they teach that.

With effort, training, dedication, and discipline, you can do many things. The way they climb the wall, jump from one place to another place, that's amazing! It looks like magic!

You see everything nice and clean in the video. When they tried to do that, don't think they did it perfectly in the first attempt. Sometimes it does not turn out nice. Or, sometimes they cannot land on the right spot. What they do after that, that's inspiring. They smile, get up and try that again. They keep doing that until they get it right.

When you try to do something, it is okay to fail. Failure is nothing if you keep trying and do that. Sometimes we hear and fear the judgment of other people. Sometimes we overjudge ourselves. And that cripples us.

If you like any sports, and you are passionate about it, you can talk about it on SportsTalkSocial. Or, if you have experience in any sports, you can share your experience and give us some tips.

Thank you so much for reading this and watching the video. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section. That's for now. See you around!

Please do not try this at home.
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@rezoanulvibes that madness, gave me vertigo of just watching the video. These people are true geniuses. What physical preparation and what level of concentration. no doubt do not try at home
Excellent post dear friend
Thank you very much for the work you do daily
I wish you a great day

Yes, they are amazing! You cannot but praise their skills. Glad to know you like this.
Thank you my friend for watching the video and expressing your thoughts. I appreciate that!
Have a great day, @jlufer!

Really impresive... I had a boy in volleyball and he does parkour sometimes. He always was injured!!! lol very dangerous...

Yes, that's impressive! Right now I'm writing a post about what you should consider fighting with a taller guy. I'm also thinking people who do parkour have some advantages. If they run, it would be difficult for attackers to catch them. :)

Great post.

To be honest this is the best parkour video I have ever seen. The Spiderman part is mind-blowing and must be extremely difficult, due to the coordination required and also the physical aspect that people take for granted when they see this videos.

Can clearly tell they have years training.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, what they did, that's impressive! Glad to know you also like that! :)