karim benzema a player faithful to his game and his team

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Karim Benzema is a faithful soldier. Always has been. Now everyone admires the Frenchman, but in the white club there has never been any reproach towards the behavior of the striker. He has never knocked on the door asking for anything. He has always assumed his role within the team, both sportingly and economically. Since leaving Cristiano Ronaldo has assumed a leading role on the pitch that takes him with dignity and pride. Their numbers since the role change say it all. 41 goals, 16 assists in 68 games played. He has become the leader. And he doesn't ask for anything in return.


He feels fully identified and well paid. Near the age of 32, Benzema is not worried about his contractual situation. Nor in the club either because they know that while he is giving up he will want to remain dressed in white until the end of the day. If he does not feel well, he will be the first to take the step, but from the noble zone of Santiago Bernabéu they know that the union between both parties has no expiration date beyond what a contract can say. June will be eleven years of union, but before the end of the season that number will expand. And it is that the French is, whether their critics want it or not, it is a fundamental piece in the future of Real Madrid. That idyllic panorama that breathes in Real Madrid, has nothing to do with what it suffers in the French team. Curious. The public opinion and the press claims him, the Federation repudiates him. And from this situation there is a cattle, which is none other than the white team, which meets a Benzema more focused than ever on their daily duties.

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Benzema has always shown the level another thing is that he has not been valued so much for what he has done.