Real Madrid has been able to achieve a great victory

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Real Madrid has played in a great way and has been imposing on the field before the real society and thus halograde a great victory to go on the right track.


There are days that, at the end of the season, are marked by setting trends, because of the anguish of those above, of Barça despite winning and Atlético that did not succeed in Lo Cármenes. For the inertia, positive from the mischief against Mallorca. And finally, because Real is an excellent challenge, full of good players. Some magnificent, like Odegaard, white property. Madrid offered its best response, from Benzema's leadership, Modric's glove, Valverde's push, Casemiro's presence, Carvajal's soul to Courtois' hands. Even the team knew how to cover their ears with Bale's whistles, constant since the warm up. However, this Madrid can begin to impose respect.

The scenery was perfect for the Royal. Because he defends well, with order, but he makes a ball with the ball. Look quickly and well at the exit to Merino, which almost always finds the link with Odegaard or Oyarzabal. The 10 txuri urdin measured Carvajal in a band, left with authority and the center was poisoned until he found Willian José, only in the mouth of the goal. There Courtois became huge to save the 0-2.The Bernabéu was ruminating another complicated night, despite Hazard. The Belgian, electric, passed Zaldua inside and out. In one he crashed it on the side of the net, in the other it was Remiro who rejected as he could. Those flashes raised Madrid, who accepted the risks and went for the tie. Varane and Casemiro saved a couple of cons, and in the final stretch he found the prize. Modric may suffer the race, especially in the cons. But he will never lose touch. In a foul from the right he put the inside and the ball flew with music, to the penalty spot. There he found a genius. Where anyone had ducked their heads to finish off, Benzema straightened up, inflated his chest and turned his trunk to finish off with the world champion's shield. A sovereign goal, at the height of the great game ventilated by him and the Real.


With no rent to protect and with a lot of collective football, Real went for the draw. Odegaard and Willian José squandered excellent positions. They had no more because Carvajal multiplied in his area. Zidane intervened and stirred the mood with Bale. The stand whipped him forward, although the panorama invited him to put it. With the Real leaving spaces against. He entered by Rodrygo, who touched fewer balls but with success, and he fell an epic anger. Although he wore the white shirt. He had a goal as soon as he left, in offside. In his second raid on the right he received from Valverde, served the second suit, unloaded Benzema and Modric flew to the net. Casemiro and Valverde went to embrace the Welshman. That old mania of the Bernabéu to whistle those in white. Always harmful, as much as it deserves.


The final stretch reinforced Madrid, which could increase income. Bale scored a spectacular game, typical of a superclass. Madrid is interested in adding to the cause. Against the PSG, and to win titles, you need the Welsh talent.

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