Varane says that the case of Karim Benzema in the selection of France is a tabu issue

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The state of Karim Benzema's form has made in France revive the debate about whether the 'nine' of Real Madrid should be summoned, again, by the French national team. Zidane was clear, when questioned about it, " I do not know exactly what is happening, but, for me, he is the best football player and he would have a place ", to which Deschamps was quick to answer," I have no problem with him saying that. He is the coach of Real Madrid , so his role is to speak like this ". On the debate about whether Karim should return to Les Bleus and other matters of interest Varane has responded at a press conference. The 'Benzema case':" There is no taboo subject. A long time ago They ask me the same question in the press room. I will not add anything else. "MBAPEP:" Very motivated. He is happy to be here. He gives us depth and definition in the last meters. He leads us forward, he is a great talent "The possibility of not qualifying:" While there is nothing done, it is not known e) The coach has always been prudent and leaves nothing to chance. It motivates us and makes us concentrate. He doesn't like relaxation. "Deschamps:" He's going to reach 100 games. It imposes respect and its secret is that it never relaxes. He has achieved very important things both as a player and coach. What I hate the most is relaxation and doesn't like anything when we're very calm. "

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